Managing Payments Has Never Been Easier

With Blackcurrant Finance you collect funds

and pay invoices any moment of the day

  • Collect your sales invoices faster
  • Schedule and (bulk) pay supplier invoices with open banking
  • Manual data entry? Manage all your finance data automatically
  • Connect your online and physical POS to your accounting software

You focus on your business, we automate the finances

Blackcurrant Finance is the platform that connects all financial apps into one consolidated tool. Providing you with real time insights to be in control and a step ahead. We connect accounting software, e-commerce, payment gateways, POS, banks and ERP, automating debtor and supplier management, bookkeeping, business funding, cash projections, KPI dashboards and forecasting. Together with Blackcurrant’s bank licence with open banking facilities this is one of the most powerful tools out there.

Debt Management

Invoicing can be fun

Get paid 40% faster with Blackcurrant Finance

Smart invoicing

Send invoices with a embedded payment links and QR codes for your clients to easily pay you. Use email reminder workflows and keep track on Average Payment Days and minimize risk with expected payment dates

Easy communication

Allow your clients to easily communicate over disputes. Dealing with changes not a problem at all, we have automated the credit note creation with automation of refunds to keep the relationship with your clients the best it can be.

Easy payments

Send invoices with a embedded payment links and QR codes for your clients to easily pay you. But we also added Google Pay, Apple Pay, GoCardles, Stripe as well as all the ‘traditional’banks. Easy does it.

Smart allocation

When a payment is received we automatically match it to the invoice. Pay outs and refunds are also automated. We also sync this with your accounting system. Just add a client in the platform and create an invoice. We automated the flow of the payment process for you.

Supplier Payments

Pay your suppliers through open banking

Use blackcurrant open banking app and save on time and banking fees

How? Schedule to pay your suppliers on whatever date you wish and with what frequency. Whether it is one off payment or a recurring payment, set it up once and connect your bank account. The system will automatically do the bank transactions and match them to the supplier invoice. Your books are automatically handled as well. Think about it. Never have to do a manual transaction in your bank account again. Its a time saver.

Blackcurrant finance for accountants and bookkeepers

Focus on the output, we automate the process

Connect your accounting software. And let us help you providing the best service to your clients. Blackcurrant Finance saves you time by connecting to all the business apps your clients use. We streamline all the data to the output you require, saving you time. Want to explore how?

Automated bookkeeping; Integrated open banking, Process engineering, Machine learning and AI

Better management; Standardisation of data

Real time information and reconciliation; Using data mirroring and synchronisation

Automating business process; Ai tools to remove repetitive tasks

Better planning; Sharing information to relevant system and parties

Intelligent finance; Use business data and open banking


Bringing e-commerce sales into your books

For your bookkeeping

We have found a way to shoot online sales invoices straight to your accounting software. Actually it turned out it has even better advantages. With the invoice you can offer client dispute emails and if they lead to refunds we allow a highly automated refund flow with automated credit note creation and automated refund into your clients bank account. Talking about managing change.

Payment gateway

Tired of the high commissions from your current payment gateway provider. With Blackcurrant Open Banking App we offer a powerful payment gateway for all your online transactions. We also offer these services white labeled in the enterprise model.

Management Dashboards

Unlocked data presented in one platform

Better decisions with consolidated real time insights

Because Blackcurrant Finance is able to open up all financial information from different financial apps it is also able to connect all that data into real time consolidated business analytics. Think about it when you can connect all the dots and use that to lay out your business strategy. With this we can also predict with high accuracy future turnover and costs. So you as a business owner know exactly where you stand and which direction you need to steer into.

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